Life In The Tomb - WW1 Author Stratis Myrivilis

Most learners likely are not familiar with Statis Myrivilis or his anti-war writings, but his works spur scholars to debate over the role of protest literature in wartime. While the video does situate Myrivilis within the context of the larger conflict, it focuses on his most famous piece "Life in the Tomb," which is the fictionalized collection of letters from a dead solider to show the hope for peace and the grim realities of war. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Show to prompt a discussion of the role anti-war literature
  • Use as background to compare the writings and biography of Myrivilis with other World War I writers
Classroom Considerations
  • Mentions pornography and graphic death descriptions
  • Individuals may need some background on the political situation in Greece to fully understand all details in the video
  • Clear articulation on the themes of Myrivillis' writing
  • Intriguing images prompt learners' inquiry
  • Excerpts from writings engage scholars for further understanding
  • None
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