Making Evidence-Based Claims: California Commonwealth Club Address - Cesar Chavez

The most effective way to support an argument is with clear and relevant evidence. As seventh graders read and listen to Cesar Chavez's California Commonwealth Club Address, they work through five sections of a textual analysis unit, which prompt them to understand, make, organize, write, and develop their own evidence-based claims based on the reading.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the lesson into a social studies unit on Cesar Chavez or the unionization movement
  • Use in a literacy center or reading intervention class
  • Have learners conduct additional research to support their final writing prompt
Classroom Considerations
  • There is no table of contents, but a unit outline is available on page 7
  • Includes all necessary handouts and worksheets
  • Provides instructional notes and assessment opportunities
  • Aligned to all aspects of seventh grade Common Core standards
  • None