Managing Change

Adolescence and teenage years are very difficult in terms of emotions, primarily due to the amount of change going on in growing teens' lives. Guide middle schoolers through disruptive changes and transitions with a set of activities focused on coping with unexpected events and on moving on to older grades.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Divide your class into small groups or pairs to share responses to writing prompts
  • Set up a peer mentoring program at your school for the older learners to guide and advice incoming learners, whether they are sixth graders helping kindergartners, eighth graders helping seventh graders, or high school seniors helping freshmen
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson is based on eighth grade as the last grade of primary school; you can adjust this perspective depending on the setup of your school system
  • Many school-specific phrases and words are from the British vernacular
  • Writing prompts and discussion questions are applicable to most learners in your class, as all middle schoolers are transitioning between two ages or life phases
  • Includes all materials (worksheets, printables, writing prompts)
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