Me Inc.

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Build your learners' self-esteem with a series of lessons that focuses on their identity and observation of the world around them. Applicable to many different subjects and lessons, the resources guide kids through the process of describing themselves through their preferences and memories.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Split the activities up into stations, and rotate kids through in small groups
  • Have kids work with their parents on some of the projects, including the memory boxes
  • Complete the unit at the beginning of the year, keep the memory boxes throughout the year, and give them back on the last day of school for students to re-examine
Classroom Considerations
  • Some of the printable resources are in color, and may impede understanding if printed in black-and-white; print a test page to be sure
  • Activities range from games to project-based learning, and all of which are engaging to learners
  • Provides 25 pages of classroom resources
  • The unit doesn't hang together from assignment to assignment, but you could use the elements that are helpful for your instruction