Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

It can be frustrating to forget information that you need later on, but the brain is only meant to take on so much data at a time. A video from a longer playlist about study skills discusses the details of memory, including the neurological aspects of remembering items, and strategies to retain the most important information from text or lectures.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Bring into a collaboration session or department meeting when discussing learning styles and study skills
  • Have individuals watch the video at home and turn in their notes for credit
Classroom Considerations
  • Subject matter and vocabulary level is more appropriate for older learners in high school or college
  • Contains a joke about Gandhi having a nuclear bomb in Civ 5, which is the computer game Civilizations 5 and may go over some learners' heads
  • Narration is both fast-moving and dense with information; consider pausing periodically to elaborate or explain
  • The final minute of the video is an advertisement for the episode's sponsor
  • Thorough and engaging
  • Versatile for any class subject, but ideal for psychology
  • None