Messages in the Media

What does a commercial about your favorite product tell you about yourself? Assess the hidden messages in the media, as well as the messages that not so hidden, with a lesson on how advertisements can affect one's self identity.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use during a focus on media literacy and analysis
  • Connect the lesson between social studies and teen issues or health, and examine the ways particular advertisements appeal to different demographics
  • Have learners watch an hour of their favorite show and note the commercials they see; in class the next day, prompt a discussion about the type of consumer advertising companies perceive them to be
Classroom Considerations
  • Deepen the lesson with additional clips and examples of advertisements, as the resource only includes one
  • Link to advertisement is broken, but easily found online
  • The fourth and final lesson in a unit about identity
  • Extension activity is interesting, but does not relate to the theme of the lesson (media messages)
  • Provides a version of the unit in Spanish
  • Encourages class members to apply new understanding to familiar messages
  • None
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