My Future Lifestyle

Mortgage, insurance, car much money will your learners need to support their desired lifestyle? Part three in a six-part college and career readiness lesson plan series tasks young job seekers with creating a monthly budget based upon the type of life they wish to lead. Pairs put their heads together to discuss the costs of day-to-day life when it comes to bills—and those extras that always seem to pop up!

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • If you feel comfortable, share with the class what you spend on utilities such as electric, gas, and water per month; this information can help them determine if their budgeted amounts are realistic
  • To open class on the first day of the lesson, pull up a car dealership's website and invite the class to shop for the car of their dreams
Classroom Considerations
  • Pull together a list of local utility companies for students to use; many will have budgeting tools available based upon the type of service they provide
  • Real-life budgeting is an eye-opener for pupils in this age group!
  • Collaborative sessions allow learners to bounce ideas off of others and receive valuable feedback
  • None