My Generation Rx: Lead the Scene

Prescription drugs may start out with legitimate usage, but lately they are finding their way to high school and college party life. Have a discussion with the teenagers in your class on prescription drug abuse with a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies three video scenarios.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Play the video as a class, interrupting at each scenario to go over the points listed in the slideshow
  • Have class members answer the discussion questions with partners, in small groups, or as independent journal entries
Classroom Considerations
  • Actors' portrayal of intoxicated students in the attached video is often humorous, which may distract from the importance of the topic
  • Alcohol use by minors is not taken as seriously as prescription drug use
  • Scenario 1 begins at the start of the video, scenario 2 begins at 2:46, and scenario 3 begins at 3:52
  • Provides zip files for the entire unit in both English and Spanish
  • Brings a real-world context to a situation that may seem abstract to many learners
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