Oceans of Energy

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Are the earth's oceans really just giant batteries, waiting for their energy to be harnessed? Middle school mechanical engineers will be shocked by the amazing amount of energy that forms around them after diving into part four of a series of six lessons. After researching and discussing types of energy, groups work together to construct their own micro-hydro generators. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create well-balanced lab groups that contain a mixture of mechanically inclined pupils with those that are more research-oriented
  • Spend some time on the front end ensuring the class' level of prior knowledge is in line with the activity 
Classroom Considerations
  • Schedule time in the school's computer lab or library for lab groups to complete the research portion of the lesson
  • Review the required materials list well in advance of beginning construction of the micro-hydro generator
  • Activity instructions are very detailed and include multiple images of the build in progress
  • Teacher's guide includes worksheet and possible answers, materials list, and a wealth of energy information
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