Once Upon a Time (Sa Hi Pa Ca): Lesson Plan 3

This Once Upon a Time (Sa Hi Pa Ca): Lesson Plan 3 lesson plan also includes:

What was the most significant tool used by the Chumash? How did the environment make the tool possible? What group behaviors allowed the Chumash be be successful for thousands of years? After watching West of the West's documentary Once Upon a Time about the Chumash who lived on the Channel Islands, groups research the foods that were gathered and the tools used that permitted the Chumash to survive and thrive.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have individuals use a natural resource available in their area to craft a tool and then offer an explanation for what the tools is and how it can be used
Classroom Considerations
  • The activity focuses attention on the factors that permitted the Chumash to be successful before the arrival of the Spanish
  • The resource includes links to websites that permit class members to research in greater depth information provided by the documentary
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