Personal Morals vs. Political Moves

This Personal Morals vs. Political Moves unit also includes:

Was Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite? That is the question facing class members as they examine excerpts from documents that relate to Jefferson's beliefs about slaves and slavery.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
  • The document-based essay activity prepares learners for the AP DBQ exams
  • The number of documents required for the essay can be changed based on the experience and skill level of the class
  • Although not considered in the documents attached to the lesson, be prepared to respond to questions about the Jefferson-Hemings controversy
  • The documents reveal Jefferson's growing awareness of the complexity of the moral and ethical issues involved
  • The instructor annotates the first document as a model for class members
  • Some class members may need additional support selecting documents and identifying key passages to use in their essay