Point of View is a Walk in the Park

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Teaching young learners about point of view is a walk in the park with this two day lesson plan. Through class readings of the the children's books Seven Blind Mice and Voices in the Park, young readers learn to differentiate between the points of view of different characters in a story. To demonstrate their understanding of this concept, children use evidence from the stories to complete a graphic organizer and draw faces and write thought bubbles representing the perspective of each character. This resource would make a great addition to a lesson series on character development in narrative writing.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Engages students with a fun hands-on activity
  • Includes a series of guiding questions for the books Seven Blind Mice and Voices in the Park
  • All supporting materials are included with the lesson
  • Offers ideas for adapting and extending the lesson to meet the learning needs of all students
  • Lesson is adaptable for use in third grade classrooms
  • Requires copies of the books Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young and Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne
  • Format of the lesson plan is a little difficult to follow
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