PowerPoint Project “All About Me”

This PowerPoint Project “All About Me” activity & project also includes:

Get to know each individual while implementing technology practice and use. Each pupil creates a presentation about him or herself that follows a concrete list of requirements. While presenting, the instructor and peers rank the individual's presentation on a rubric.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Offer the option of designing the presentation with a web-based office suite so learners can share their presentations with you via the Internet
  • Includes a rubric with clear requirements that are also listed on the assignment page
  • Project assignment sheet includes a list of ideas to help class members to get started with their presentations
  • Mentions the Rule of 7's, a very useful standard for preventing excessive text on a slilde
  • It is unclear exactly how to determine the grade; the resource says that a fourth of the grade will be determined by classmates, but that might mean a lot of extra rubric copies and work