Qualities of a Strong Literary Essay

Put it all into words. Scholars work toward writing an argumentative essay. They begin by examining and marking strong words in Are We Medieval? A Literary Argument Essay Prompt. Learners then use Qualities of a Strong Literary Argument Essay anchor chart to discover what makes a strong essay before examining a model essay as a reference for expectations.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide different colors of pens/pencils for coding the model essay
Classroom Considerations
  • Part 9 of 16 in Grade 6 ELA Module 2B Unit 2
  • Requires that students complete the lessons in order
  • Lists activities to complete prior to the lesson (prepare questions, coding guide, etc.)
  • Includes completed graphic organizers for teacher reference
  • Uses coding paragraphs for visual learners
  • None
Common Core