Reading about Freaky Frogs: “The Amazon Horned Frog"

This Reading about Freaky Frogs: “The Amazon Horned Frog" lesson plan also includes:

The Amazon Horned Frog is the focus of a activity designed to encourage readers to ask and answer questions. A frog-themed poem opens the door to a whole-group discussion. Following a read-aloud of an informational text, a three-page worksheet engages participants in responding to reading for in-class practice as well as homework. 

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Give learners the option to start the homework section of the worksheet when other sections are complete 
  • Find other poems about frogs that class members can browse, post discussion questions on a classroom blog then direct early finishers to answer them
  • Group learners heterogeneously to give learners the opportunity to learn from their peers in discussion and worksheet completion 
Classroom Considerations
  • This is the ninth resource in a unit comprised of 13 lessons 
  • Check to see which materials are needed from past lessons 
  • A vocabulary portion boost language skills 
  • Incorporates cooperative learners strategies 
  • Work is completed both independently and collaboratively among peers 
  • None
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