Reading Closely for Textual Details: “Life Steps Almost Straight”

Help your class examine humanity's unpredictable nature through "Life Steps Almost Straight." Learners read various works from philosophers such as Viktor Frankl, The Buddha, and Nietzsche to gather textual evidence and explain their thinking to their peers in a summative collaborative discussion. The third of 10 resources also includes helpful tips, guiding questions, and notes about writers and various resources to help enrich your lesson. Nicely balancing reading, writing, and speaking, the unit enhances your class's reading abilities and comprehension. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have your pupils compare their thoughts about humanity to a famous philosopher; who do they most agree with and why?
  • While your class independently reads, introduce a new reading strategy for them to practice
Classroom Considerations
  • It may be difficult for your class to complete all of the reading within the unit; trim selections or plan for multiple class periods
  • Supplemental resources are rigorous and offer a variety of perspectives on the same topic
  • Lessons are easy to understand yet rigorous
  • Unit teaches critical thinking
  • None