Reading Graphic Text

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Do students really need to be taught how to read cartoons, comic books, and comic strips? Yes. Just as they need to learn how to read other forms of graphic text such as diagrams, photos, timetables, maps, charts, and tables. Young readers examine examples of graphic text and consider how graphic text forms and features are used to convey the message of a text.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners create their own example that demonstrates their understanding of how the features of graphic text can be used to relay meaning
Classroom Considerations
  • No graphic text samples are included with the resource; therefore, instructors need to gather these materials before the lesson or ask class members to bring in examples
  • The packet includes lesson directions, worksheets, and exit cards
  • Includes differentiated instruction details
  • No samples of graphic text are included
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