Risk Taking Behaviors

Sophomores can be sometimes wise and sometimes foolish. The same can be said for their behaviors. After watching a presentation about risk taking behaviors, class members discuss the presentation in small groups, and then complete a Presentation Review Assessment worksheet.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Submit student questions ahead of time so the speaker can address them in the presentation
  • Have class members brainstorm a list of health care professions they would like to have addressed to the class
  • Share a summary of learners' comments from the Presentation Review Assessment with the speaker
  • Assign groups different agencies to research and share with the class the services available and contact information
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires individual copies of the Presentation Review Assessment worksheet
  • Observe class members during the presentation and inform counselors if a student appears to be in need of assistance
  • Post in the classroom a list of available resources on campus and in the community
  • Teachers or counselors must create the video or invite a presenter
  • The presentation is designed to help learners refine their decision-making skills and to deepen their awareness of the dangers of risky behaviors
  • By submitting questions anonymously, individuals no not risk exposure
  • No guidelines are provided for the speaker; therefore, teachers must set the focus of the presentation