Robot Tag

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Assign a few players to be "bad robots," and the rest of the class is "good robots." Place three Hula hoops in the middle of the gym to represent the 10-second "charging station," or safe area. Set up a cone square on one end of the gym. This is the 30-second "repair shop," or out area. Give the bad robots a few dodgeballs. If the good robots get tagged by the bad robots, then they must go to the repair shop for 30 seconds. Players can use the charging station as a 10-second safe area. Play continuously.

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Instructional Ideas
  • In the repair shops, have robots do a set number of exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, or crunches before returning to the game
  • Have someone monitoring the time at the repair shop and charging stations
Classroom Considerations
  • Game is intended for the gymnasium
  • Equipment needed requires dodgeballs, cones, and Hula hoops
  • Set up the layout of the gym ahead of time
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  • Fun and energizing for kids to take on the role of a robot
  • None