Safe at Work

From minimum wage to minimizing injuries, young workers need to know their rights! The sixth and final lesson in a series of college and career readiness activities gets eighth graders thinking about safety and labor laws. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Show examples of different industries and have the class brainstorm potential safety hazards for each one
  • Give individuals time to research a profession they're interested in to learn more about the risks
Classroom Considerations
  • Many pupils in this age group will not have formal work experience to draw from; consider providing more workplace safety examples using a video or older peers
  • Some resources in the lesson are state-specific; include workplace safety laws for your state
  • Introducing the topic of workers' rights at this age is crucial in getting pupils prepared to enter the workforce
  • Presents the information in the lesson with examples, making it easier for learners to understand
  • The resource includes a PowerPoint, discussion questions, and videos
  • None