Sensory Based Therapy, Teaching Self-Regulation, Managing Stress

A stress management tool is very helpful for teachers coping with over-stimulated impulsive kids. This guide will get you on the right path to differentiated instruction and methods such as positive self-talk, progressive relaxation, and visual imagery.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Design to your own picture rehearsal to fit the needs
  • Make a classroom chart of positive talk for all learners to read
  • Introducing some strategies to class might be a positive move toward stronger class management
  • Consider presenting at your next professional development meeting with colleagues using this resource as a tool to help teachers cope with students who need a little extra support
  • Make a copy of "self regulating tool" out of card stock and laminate tit o keep on the desks of those who need self-regulation reminders
Classroom Considerations
  • Picture rehearsal worksheets are not printable and too small; create your own version
  • Great resource for new teachers in the classroom 
  • Methods are proactive
  • Coping strategies are easy to follow
  • Helpful for any classroom including special education classes
  • None