Skin and the Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation

This Skin and the Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation lesson plan also includes:

Though UV radiation can damage skin, it isn't all bad. The third installment in a six-part series allows the class to study the structure and function of skin. They learn about the different types of skin cancer and the SPF rating system. The lesson plan then delves into the chemical reactions aided by ultraviolet radiation.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide a diagram of the skin similar to the one included in the lesson and have pupils identify the different layers and composition
  • Invite a dermatologist to come speak to the class about skin cancer
Classroom Considerations
  • It would be helpful if the class was familiar with ultraviolet radiation
  • Includes a vocabulary list and definitions for terms used in the lesson
  • The plan provides explanations on how UV radiation is important
  • The plan does not provide a clear path for the instruction of the concepts