Stickleback Evolution

About 70 percent of the genes of the stickleback fish are the same as humans. In the video, scholars further explore the stickleback fish and its history, from being removed from Loberg Lake to their change and comeback. Over time, these fish adapted to their new environment via natural directional selection, over the course of only 20 years. This is the last video in a series of 18 evolution related videos. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Video best fits as an example of human interactions causing great changes in ecosystems and species
Classroom Considerations
  • Repeats parts of video 17 in the series
  • Teacher needs a computer, access to the Internet, and a way tor project the video in order to use the resource
  • Provides closed captioning, which can help viewers follow along and understand the material better
  • Video provides a link to a review worksheet
  • Includes high-quality photographs to keep viewers' attention
  • Provides link to research on stickleback fish, making it easy to find supplemental information
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