Supporting Students with Tools and Technology by Teaching2gether

Here is a fantastic Prezi presentation designed for teachers on assistive technology for the classroom! Whether you are a student teacher or seasoned veteran, you will benefit from learning about different types of adaptive tools to support classroom instruction and individualized learning.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Share this presentation with a colleague or at your next PLC meeting, and then discuss specific ways in which you can apply what you have learned in your individual classrooms
Classroom Considerations
  • The Prezi website may be a new tool for some teachers and intimidating at first; however, the site is fairly intuitive and easy to understand after an introduction and some practice
  • Includes narration throughout presentation
  • Details six types of adaptive tools: individual copies and materials, participation and focus tools, graphic organizers and modified academic materials, verbal and visual prompts, personal schedules and checklists, and timers
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