Teaching the Short Story - Teacher's Packet

This Teaching the Short Story - Teacher's Packet lesson plan also includes:

Get your writers composing their own short stories by following some or all of the ideas included here. You'll find short lessons and activities, handouts and assignment pages, sample paragraphs and sentences, and all sorts of great stuff you can use for inspiration or print out and hand directly to your class. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Base an entire short story writing unit around these materials; you may need to fill in a blank here and there, but overall, you'll find just about everything you need
  • Pick and choose a few handouts to give to your class to support your own short story curriculum
  • Pair writing short stories with reading short stories; learners can analyze famous stories for structure and content and apply what they've found to their own writing
Classroom Considerations
  • While called a Teacher's Packet, note that some pages are for the teacher and others are for students; take a close look to find printable pages for your class
  • You can probably ignore the first few pages (except for maybe the table of contents) since they are about a seminar at which this method was presented
  • The sample excerpts are nicely put together and demonstrate the various techniques listed in the packet
  • Provides a few open-ended assessments that you can use if desired as well as a quotation marks quiz and an editing quiz
  • Comes with materials that will help pupils develop plot lines, come up with characters, start out their stories just right, compose effective dialogue, and revise their work
  • None