Thanksgiving Lessons Grades PreK-2

A quintessential resource for teaching an elementary unit on the first Thanksgiving addresses a variety of skills, including informational reading, critical thinking, comparing and contrasting facts, technology tools, and historical awareness. As learners consider the perspective of early Pilgrims in Colonial America, they read about the lifestyle of the Wampanoag people with an array of worksheets, discussions, and reading passages.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Divide the class into learning stations, and host one lesson at each station before rotating groups through
  • Use the interactive online activity in a computer lab or with classroom tablets
Classroom Considerations
  • Uses Anne Kamma's If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, which is a nice addition but easily substituted with another book of your choice
  • Provides a complete teacher's guide to the unit, which includes lessons for older grades
  • Aligned to Common Core standards
  • Lessons are versatile and adaptable to your curriculum
  • Includes all necessary worksheets and auxiliary materials
  • Editable Venn diagram PDF is blank, making it applicable to any number of assignments
  • Two assessment tasks address both narrative and expository writing, depending on the needs of learners
  • None