That Time It Rained for Two Million Years

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What would happen if all of the land on Earth received as much rainfall as the temperate rain forest? The vast desserts would be altered, the animals would adapt or die, and the types of plants available would quickly shift. This is what happened during the Carnian Pluvial portion of the Triassic, and it changed the future of Earth, allowing for the rise of the dinosaurs and eventually, humans. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Go into more detail about how scientists know about this sudden massive change in climate that forever changed our planet
Classroom Considerations
  • Content ends at 7:27, and the remainder of video is an advertisement
  • Relies on prior knowledge of evolution, the Triassic, and the water cycle
  • The episode is part of a larger Eons series
  • Offers subtitles for English learners
  • Provides an excellent list of references for those wanting more information
  • Connects paleontology, geology, climate change, chemistry, biology, and more
  • None