The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Magic Square Vocabulary

This The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Magic Square Vocabulary worksheet also includes:

Before getting too far into The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, support your learners by introducing and practicing some vocabulary that might be unfamiliar to them. The vocabulary exercise here includes 16 words from the third and fourth chapters. Learners match the words to their definitions in order to find the magic number.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the provided worksheet near the beginning of your study of the novel and create a few more along the way using the strategy described here
Classroom Considerations
  • The first time you try out this strategy, you might want to model how to start filling out the magic square; the instructions provided at the top of the worksheet may not be enough for some pupils
  • Note that the first few instructions provided are for the teacher to follow when setting up the vocabulary exercise (choosing words, creating the worksheets, etc.)
  • Provides instructions for how to put together a magic square worksheet as well as a worksheet to use with your class at the beginning of the novel
  • An answer key is provided
  • None