The First Ten Amendments

This The First Ten Amendments handout & reference also includes:

The Bill of Rights is an important part of the US Constitution. Have small groups translate the amendments into modern language and present their versions, as well as the original versions, to the class. In groups, learners also respond to a series of questions about the document.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use this as an introduction to the Bill of Rights; students can get an idea of what they mean before the class moves into the importance of the document and other related analysis
  • While the related questions indicate that pupils should work in groups to complete them, you might also assign this as a homework assignment and have groups conference the following day
Classroom Considerations
  • The questions should be completed after groups complete and present their rewritten amendments
  • While the resource does provide slips of paper for students to rewrite the amendments, some provide more writing space than others; pupils may need to write on another piece of paper, depending on the amendment they have been assigned
  • Includes a copy of the Bill of Rights 
  • Comes with amendment slips to give each group that include the amendment and some space to write the new version
  • Analysis questions are also provided
  • None