The Yo-Yo Problem

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What do yo-yos and pennies have to do with linear equations? Learn about writing and solving linear equations while considering the Yo-Yo Problem and Penny Pattern Exploration from the High School Math Project. Learners utilize algebra tiles and graphing calculators to solve linear equations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider modifying the Yo-Yo Problem to include the correct sales tax percentage for your local community
Classroom Considerations
  • The Penny Pattern activity may require a large number of pennies depending on class size; a visit to the bank may be necessary
  • This high school algebra project includes several different activities; depending on the level of the class, it may need to be split into two lessons
  • Includes an answer key and a worksheet
  • Teacher guide includes several extension ideas and strategies for inclusion students
  • The procedure lists activities using algebra tiles and graphing calculators, but the worksheets do not include these steps