Thermochemistry: Heat and Chemical Changes

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What makes particles attract? Here, learners engage in multiple activities that fully describe colligative properties and allow the ability to critically assess the importance of these properties in daily life. Young chemists conduct experiments to test a solution's rate of heat transfer, boiling point, freezing point, and calorie measurement, concluding with discussion on each segment. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class make a list of what they ate for dinner three evenings in a row; calculate the calories consumed and discuss
  • Divide individuals into pairs and allow them to research the importance of thermochemistry in the body's ability to maintain homeostasis


Classroom Considerations
  • Make certain rubber bands are used properly during this activity to avoid harming others
  • Take care while boiling substances to prevent burns
  • Multiple activities allow pupils to complete the lesson in one day or over the course of a week, while integrating other related concepts to fully acquire content
  • Structure of the experiments encourages the ability to relate information acquired to everyday bodily processes
  • None