Tier 1 Intervention General Tracking Form

Looking for a way to compile data based on behavior interventions? This spreadsheet can help you out! You type in up to five behaviors and five interventions and tally whenever a behavior or intervention is used. The spreadsheet calculates the totals and creates pie charts with these numbers that you can use for analysis.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Monitor and analyze the usage of various intervention strategies with the charts provided here
  • Share the reports with the special education teacher or other staff members working with the individual
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that there are dates typed into the spreadsheet already, but you can easily change these
  • While there is space for five behaviors and five interventions only, you can edit the document to add more rows 
  • The spreadsheet is already set up to do the calculations and create the pie charts for you
  • The spreadsheet is set to print all of the information on one page
  • You can edit this document as necessary
  • None