Transformations—The Next Level

Transform your geometry instruction by incorporating role play into math class. Pupils begin by completing an assessment to locate unknown angles, and then performing a simulation activity to better understand rotations, reflections, and translations. They complete the mathematical modeling exercise and conclude the instructional activity by participating in a class discussion to ensure their full understanding. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups role play in front of the class during the discussion and provide time for a Q&A session
Classroom Considerations
  • Assist English learners and those with special needs during the assessment at the beginning of this lesson
  • Ensure there is enough time for all of the activities in this lesson; you may need to provide additional time or split this lesson into two parts 
  • The twelfth installment in a 36-part series
  • Includes an assessment that covers multiple lessons in this series to ensure students understand the concepts presented thus far
  • Partner activity engages interest and allows the class to participate in the learning process
  • None