Transport Across the Membrane

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Take your biology class on an exploration of the inner workings of cells with this multimedia presentation. Looking closely at the structure of cell membranes and the processes of osmosis and diffusion, this resource explains for students how materials move into, out of, and all throughout individual cells.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Show this presentation over multiple class periods during a cell biology unit
  • Create a note-taking guide for students to complete while viewing the presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Presentation includes a series of 30 slides that show a red dot (a cell) growing progresively larger, which serve little purpose and can be removed if desired
  • Presentation includes colorful, labeled diagrams that explain the different ways materials are transported in cells
  • Resource is downloadable as a PowerPoint file, allowing teachers to modify the presentation to meet their needs
  • None