Treasure Island Clues: Intervals

You may know about A, B, and C, but now you can include "arrrrr" to the list of music notes to practice! Here is a fun pirate-themed activity in which young musicians determine the intervals of various notes in the treble clef to work their way through a musical treasure hunt.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign as music homework for kids to complete in the beginning stages of music theory
  • Encourage orchestra sections to work together on the treasure hunt, and offer a music-themed prize to the winning section
  • Leave for a substitute teacher on a day when the orchestra director will be gone
Classroom Considerations
  • Instructions are a little confusing but learners pick up the concept quickly
  • Encourages music theory practice in an engaging way
  • Versatile for use with any grade or level of musical mastery
  • None