Understanding Identity

Key to social-emotional learning is understanding who we are. The first instructional activity in an Understanding Identity unit asks class members to consider the factors that shape one's concept of themselves, the parts of their identity they choose for themselves, and the parts ascribed to them by others.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Introduce the journal format at the beginning of the unit
  • Inform class members if you intend to read any of their journal entries
  • Create an account before launching the unit
  • Rather than conduct a read-aloud, show the video of "the Bear" story
  • Set aside some extra prep time to familiarize yourself with the the resource and practice using the links to access the materials
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in a 15-lesson unit designed to be taught in order
  • Establishes protocols for the remainder of the unit
  • Access to the lesson presentation requires a free account
  • Some materials are featured  again in subsequent lessons
  • Requires copies of the identity chart and the short story
  • Requires student journals
  • The lesson plan is richly detailed and includes teaching tips and links to all required materials
  • Includes a sample identity chart to use as a model
  • The PowerPoint includes teaching notes
  • None