Understanding Multiplication of Integers

Repeated addition works for multiplication of integers, too. The lesson has the class play the integer game again but has one card multiplied several times. Scholars write the multiplication expression and the addition expression that give the total value for the repeated card. Pupils begin to the develop an understanding of the rules for multiplying integers.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use getting and giving money multiple times as a way to help with understanding
  • Review the concept of multiplication as repeated addition with whole numbers before beginning the lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires the cards from the integer game
  • To guarantee individuals work with positive and negative multiples, choose the star card for them both times
  • The 10th segment in a 25-part unit
  • Connects the idea of multiplying with integers to the integer game the class previously played
  • The examples provide sample responses to the questions
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