Using Measure of Central Tendencies

This short but information-packed presentation begins with a thorough review of how to calculate mean, median, and mode of a given data set. What makes it a unique lesson is the follow-up example and presentation of how these measures of central tendencies are affected by changes to a data set. A carefully put-together video that would work as both a solid arithmetic review for these measures or as an introduction to the need for categorizing outliers and using linear regression methods.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Extend by assigning a research problem for what we learn about a dataset by knowing the relationship between mean and median
  • Give the class a mean and median and have each learner create a data set that results in those measures. Then investigate how each set changes with addition of a new data point
  • Consider discussing when and how each measure of central tendency gives important information about a data set
Classroom Considerations
  • Video viewing requires Internet
  • Providing a script of the video might assist learners who need more processing time for the concepts discussed
  • Consider pausing the presentation at regular intervals to allow for class questions and discussion
  • Clearly and pleasantly voiced, following along with but not directly reading slide presentations
  • Each arithmetic step detailed and performed explicitly
  • Calculations fully completed and summarized before conclusions are made
  • Capstone slide nicely pulls together presentation information
  • No printable slides or homework problems provided
  • No discussion of outliers or the size effects of additional data
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