Using Self-Control

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Everyone gets frustrated from time to time. You may not be able to control the way you feel, but you can definitely learn to control the way you act in times of frustration. A helpful lesson on self control encourages your class to stop, think about how they feel, and make a choice about their next action according to their desired consequence.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a special education classroom for learners who need practice controlling their behavior
  • Have younger learners practice the relaxation methods when a change in routine happens
  • Encourage your class to monitor the ways they control their impulses in a journal or reflective essay
  • Print up the last sheet in the packet and display in your classroom as a reminder
  • Send home for parents to practice with their children
Classroom Considerations
  • Contains some spelling and grammatical errors
  • You'll need to augment the lesson plan with more guidance and examples
  • Designed for middle schoolers, but equally helpful for elementary classes as well
  • Contains extension activities, which include relaxation techniques and homework ideas
  • A good addition to any class where some learners have impulsive behavior
  • None