Washington, D.C.: The Ultimate Core Knowledge Field Trip

Students plan for a nine-day trip to the nation's capital. After taking an attention-getting quiz about what they already know about the National Mall, young travelers learn about planning, fundraising, and budgeting for a trip to Washington, DC. In preparation, individuals choose people, monuments, points of interest to research and then report to the class. They also spend some time discovering how the United States government works. This unit is packed with ideas to prep students for a class trip to DC, but even if your class is not heading to the nation's capital, you will find plenty of great ideas for learning about it. 

lesson, students conduct research to prepare for a 9-day trip to the city that allows them to experience art, history, geography, and technology. Students also map out itineraries and costs of the trip.

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  • Diverse lessons, assignments and projects
  • Covers a variety of aspects of the District of Columbia
  • Less useful if you're not actually taking a group to Washington, DC, but still worth your time