Watching the Returns

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Elementary learners may be too young to vote, but they're not too young to be politically aware. Encourage future voters to keep track of election results during a presidential election with a handy map and lesson plan. As the polls close in states across the country, individuals color each state with the color assigned to the party awarded its electoral votes.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign for extra credit on Election Day
  • Prompt learners to choose one discussion question to expand into a short answer
  • Ask small groups to address the discussion questions on the day after the election before sharing out with the class
  • Use attached materials (ballots, maps, printables, etc.) in a unit focused on voting and elections
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson was not designed for any specific election
  • Learners on the East Coast may not be able to obtain election results until late at night
  • Discussion questions address a trip to the polls; pupils can refer to their parents' experiences
  • Provides a blank map and key to note assigned colors for Democrats, Republicans, and other parties
  • Versatile over multiple years
  • Includes an extension idea for noting electorial votes in each state, as well as gubernatorial races
  • None