What Leads to Revolution?

This What Leads to Revolution? unit also includes:

From the essential question about the cause of the American Revolution to a Town Hall meeting hosted by and for your social studies class, a set of American history lessons are a great addition to your Revolutionary War unit. After working through four lessons that encourage primary source analysis and research, learners craft a Town Hall meeting in which they role-play Loyalist and Patriots, and using the information they have studied, decide whether or not they should join the Revolutionary War.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have writers craft their essay (from the prompt on page 8) in a language arts class during an interdisciplinary unit
  • Present the town hall meeting in front of parents, other classes, or an entire grade level
Classroom Considerations
  • Some primary sources are in color and may not be visible if printed in black and white
  • One worksheet (page 21) has the numbers written across the columns, which could make it hard for class members to write in their answers; consider whiting this part out before copying
  • Comes with a brainstorm of teaching possibilities to extend the lessons over several classes and disciplines
  • Provides an essential question for the unit, focusing questions for the specific lessons, and desired learner outcomes
  • Covers a variety of social studies content areas, including geography, history, economics, culture and society, and politics and government
  • Includes an extensive list of resources and references for both learners and teachers
  • Provides graphic organizers and worksheets for each lesson
  • None