What You Need to Know about Marijuana Use and Driving

Research indicates that marijuana can negatively affect coordination and judgment, making it dangerous to drive while under the influence. But does it increase the risk of car crashes? An informative fact sheet describes the ways marijuana can lead to impaired driving, and explains why there is not much data on marijuana use and driving.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Project the page onto the board and have class members use dry erase markers to note the facts that surprise them the most
  • Have the reference pages available for students and parents at the school nurse's office
Classroom Considerations
  • Data and statistics are updated through 2017
  • Parts of the resource are in color; print a test page in black and white to see if it obscures the text 
  • Provides additional resource links
  • Reports on little-known facts regarding marijuana use
  • None