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Lesson Planet has helped me generate, adapt and give me ideas for lesson plans to teach my students. Thanks!

Paul W.
Cos Cob, CT
Lesson Planet has streamlined the process of lesson planning by helping me find good lessons I can slightly modify or use as is.

Al J.
Chicago, IL
With Lesson Planet I have been able to find fabulous ideas to help me with my lesson planning.

Dawneen Z.
Charleston AFB, SC
Lesson Planet helps me find great resources that are readily available. The reviews help teachers find good lessons quickly.

Kathryn H.
Lesson Planet is a great resource for finding a lot of lesson plans.

Lisa N.
Omaha, NE
Lesson Planet helps me HEAPS!!! It is awesome.

James D.
Queensland, Australia
LP has given me ideas for lessons, and worksheets, so that when I'm under the pump I have some great lessons to fall back on. While sorting through the lessons/worksheets can take a while, its worth it to have the extra supplementary handouts/activities for when you run out of ideas of your own. It helps you not need to reinvent the wheel each week!

Jacqui E.
Lesson Planet helps me in many ways. I'm an ESL teacher in Puerto Rico and Lesson Planet gives me a large variety of lessons that I can choose from to improve the learning process.

Nancy P.
Aguada, PR
Lesson Planet has improved my knowledge of other peoples pedagogy and allowed me to create fantastic lessons that are adaptable to any student.

Shane G.
With Lesson Planet I have saved time and gained more confidence in teaching.

Wendy B.
Slovan, PA
Lesson Planet helps make my work faster and better.

Rebecca L.
Baltimore, MD
I like to get ideas from other teachers on Lesson Planet. I almost never use an entire lesson plan because my goals are generally different, but it's a great place for ideas. I ask other teachers to use it for differentiating ideas for their content classes.

Hollie L.
Using Lesson Planet has really helped me as a first year teacher. There were times when I needed an activity that fit the area being taught, and through Lesson Planet I was able to find them and modify the lessons to fit my needs. Lesson Planet has been a wonderful resource for me, and I plan to continue using it for a long time.

Jennifer J.
Saint Petersburg, FL
Lesson Planet has been very helpful.

Sevara C.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet is amazing!

Lauren S.
Dunsborough, Australia
Lesson Planet helps me to expand and use new ideas with my teaching.

Michelle G.
Sparks, NV
Lesson Planet helps me get a broader picture of all the possible ways to approach teaching a subject.

Vanessa H.
Weaverville, NC
Lesson Planet has helped me to facilitate the rate at which my students learn.

Maria M.
Miami, FL
As a preservice teacher, Lesson Planet has been a life saver! My students are always impressed with the interesting activities I find and my supervising teachers have caught on too. I would recommend it to anyone.

Tatham S.
Lesson Planet helps me as one source for a vast array of lesson topics.

David J.
Waverly, IL
Lesson Planet provides easy access to established lesson plans when I am in a pinch.

Mark A.
Baltimore, MD
Lesson Planet has provided me with resources and ideas on how to conduct a lesson.

Tan C.
Lesson Planet provides lots of great teaching ideas.

Cathie B.
Stamford, CT
Being a member of Lesson Planet has facilitated my journey as a teacher. I am a 3rd year teacher at a middle school in California and had it not been for Lesson Planet I would have been lost. Lesson Planet has been like a gold mine for me.

Yesenia T.
Stockton, CA
Lesson Planet has led me to some great hands-on activities made by some wonderful teachers.

Brian T.
Cortland, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me find ESL lessons for my ESOL class.

Ann P.
Tampa, FL
Lesson Planet has broadened my horizons as to what experienced teachers may utilize in their classrooms.

Tobe S.
Clewiston, FL
Lesson Planet is a fabulous source of inspiration and all of the lesson plans are of a very good standard.

Ciara W.
With Lesson Planet, I am able to take a lesson/activity and enhance my lesson plans to meet the needs of the students that I teach.

Marie H.
Fort Worth, TX
I love this site. I am so frustrated searching and not finding teaching related work...Lesson Planet has dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend looking for good ideas.

Jennifer B.
Milwaukee, WI

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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